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Areas of Expertise

Team with more than 1.000 MWp installed & in commercial operation.
Utility Scale

Utility Scale

Utility Scale PV Development
Plants 10 MWp to 250 MWp develop for energy wholesalers.



Distributed Generation
Several distributed systems of less than 500 KWp for individual or corporate use.



Corporate Renewable Farm
Plants of different sizes for No-Regulated-Consumers


PV Product

Off-Grid systems
Non-Interconnected Areas systems



Green Hydrogen systems
Working in several hydrogen projects as the fuel of the future. Mainly, blending for commercial, industrial, transportation and residential customers

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Our 6 Stages Process

Complete process overview for your understanding

Site Location

We proud ourselves of the extensive work that is carried out during the site selection process, which is paramount on a Renewable Energy project. Identifying areas free from major planning, technical, ecological, environmental or grid constraints, together with a good level of resource (wind, solar or water) is considered from the outset.


Once a site is selected as being potentially suitable for a project, our in-house experts and trusted partners on grid, ecology, hydrology, communities, resource, access, ground conditions and planning work, carry out the necessary consultations and studies required to identify any matters that could constrain the development of the site in the future.

Development & Design

Planning is a critical step in the life of any development project. Once detailed technical studies environmental assessments have been conducted, a detailed design solution is in place, our in-house team of experts prepares and submits the required planning application(s) to the relevant authorities for their review and approval.
Worth noting that regardless of the location of the prospective project, DUE Capital follows strict a strict development process that follows internationally recognized standards, and our in-house team defines and addresses all planning and development aspect efficiently to deliver consented projects ready for financing and construction at the earnest.

Pre-Construction & Financing

As with all phases of development, our approach is to mitigate risk for the company and investors and move the project seamlessly to the next phase.
The pre-construction phase is one in which DUE Capital has extensive experience. Once planning permission is granted, extensive liaison with stakeholders takes place and EPC works for the project will be put out to competitive tender.
In parallel, leveraging our long-term relationships with financial institutions and investors we secure the final approvals for the necessary funding to construct the project.


First and most, we recognize that community engagement and liaison is key to establish a good relationship during the construction phase and to that end, we strive to have a good community engagement during the construction and operations phase.
During construction, we work with top-tier advisors to assure quality delivery of our projects. We rely in our trusted advisors for construction project management services throughout the construction phase.
The entire construction process typically takes between five and twelve months for a standard project but the time varies depending on the size of the project.


DUE Capital strive to remain active in all its projects, and the operations phase is an area where we can provide high support.